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Instrumental with Dave & JJ Heller

Jan 6, 2021

Season 3 of Instrumental starts today! Dave and I interviewed so many wonderful people last year whose narratives didn’t really fit into our backward-story-telling format. It would have been a tragedy to let these stories go untold, so we’re changing things up for season 3 and we’ve decided to tell the story forward (like normal people).
Our first guest is a nurse practitioner, mother, wife and a very dear friend of mine. I met Lyndee Johnson around 10 years ago when I lived in Phoenix, Arizona and I was dumbfounded when I heard her story for the first time. 
You will NOT believe how many plot twists happen in her life! In fact, you’ll probably lose count of how many times you gasp in surprise. If you need to be reminded of God’s unrelenting faithfulness and redemption, this episode is for you.